T. S. Eliot And The Waste Land Essay

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Poetry is not only a form of writing but it is also an art if used the correct way it can be used to mend hearts, lead army’s or to simply express ones feelings toward a subject and or person of choice. T.S Eliot took poetry to an entire new level from his many works and short stories T.S Eliot has be named one of the greatest of our time. Thomas Stearns Eliot (hence the T.S) born on September 26th, 1888 in St. Louis, Missouri. For most of his child hood to adolescent years he lived in St. Louis. As a young lad Mr. Eliot fished for crabs and became a very well rounded sailor. He contracted a double hernia which always had him in eye range of his mother and his five older sisters. His grandfather William Greenleaf Eliot was known as the protégé of the dean of American Unitarianism “Unitarian Universalism is a liberal …show more content…
There are only a few that earned him the respect as T.S Eliot.
The most famous poem from T.S Eliot is none other than The Waste Land. Most of Mr. Eliot’s poems are and have been love poems. Not just any love poems but poems of love going wrong. The Waste Land is product of his first marriage to Vivien. More or less it can be described as a cry of pain in a sense. Like “Prufrock” The Waste Land shows only partial rhyme with short bursts of structure. Which can either A be used to reference to an earlier time of day or B giving the reader a familiar effect. Eliot is well known for packing his works full of allusions, quotations, footnotes, and scholarly exegeses.
Eliot viewed the world as “wounded” and that the culture of everything was falling apart. “The Love Song of J. Alfred” is also another work that shows this view of “retrenchment” if you were to read this you would gander why the character wonders whether he should eat fruit, make a change, or if he has the ability to continue to live. Along with his great poems there is also his superior skills as a play

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