Unit 9 M2 Essay

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Yasmin Unit 9 M2

Describe how three key professionals could be involved in planning support for individuals/Mr.Ali

There are three key professionals working with Mr.Ali and supporting him through his decisions. They are also working together with each other to put together a support plan for Mr.Ali. The three key professionals are; a community psychiatric nurse, support worker and dietician.
Each has a different role in the planning support for Mr.Ali as they are all supporting Mr.Ali with different aspects of his health and well-being.

A Community Psychiatric Nurse is fully trained and has many years experience in a hospital setting before going out into the community. Their experience would
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Dieticians must be registered before working with anyone who is referred to them. Their role includes going through a practical application of nutrition with individuals, promoting the well-being of both individuals and the community; this will help to prevent nutrition related problems. Dieticians can also diagnose individuals with nutrition related problems and disease, and are also involved with dietary treatment of disease. Their main responsibilities include; working with individuals with special dietary needs, evaluating and improving treatments. They also use a social marketing approach to inform the public about nutrition and offer unbiased advice. They are there to also educate patients, clients, other health professionals and groups in the community.
The use of mass media is used a lot by dieticians; leaflets, adverts, posters, billboards, radio advertisements, television adverts and many more forms of media are used and this is how dieticians promote well-being, inform the public, educate and give advice.

In regards to Mr.Ali, he wants to become healthier as he wants to help raise money for the day centre he attends. He will be helping raise the money by participating in a 20 mile sponsored walk. He has taken this very seriously and wants to do his absolute best in achieving his goal. The event is taking place in three months time and within this time Mr.Ali wants to gradually improve his walking distance. The

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