Unit 9 Assignment Essay

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Assignment: Treatment Plan
For your last Assignment, you will evaluate another case study. Click here to watch a presentation of the Case of Sarah. If you would like a transcript of the presentation, click here.
Although Sarah may benefit from many different types of interventions, this project should focus on using group therapy to help Sarah. In your paper, you should address the following:
1. Why might you consider Sarah a good candidate for group counseling? What do you see as the potential advantages and disadvantages of such interaction for Sarah?
2. Describe the type of group that would potentially serve Sarah best. What are your ethical concerns for placing Sarah in a group counseling environment?
3. Oftentimes, group members
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Your paper should be double-spaced, using a 12-pt. Times New Roman font. Your paper should be written adhering to the guidelines of Standard American English. This means that your thoughts should be well-organized and original. Included in Standard American English is the use of correct grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. Remember that writing is a process, so please seek help from the Kaplan Writing Center if writing is a challenge for you. You can also refer to the APA Quick Reference for help with formatting your project.
You must use at least two sources from peer-reviewed journals from the Kaplan Library to cite research. The text is also your primary source of support. Your opinions also are valued, but it is important to keep in mind that your main objective in completing this Assignment is to illustrate your knowledge of the course material.
Citing Sources
It is important to always attribute credit to the proper sources when relying on the text, articles, websites, or other sources. You must credit your work when you:
• Summarize concepts and theories that you learned in the text, articles, or Internet sources.
• Use others' ideas, theories, and concepts in constructing discussion question responses or completing projects.
• Use direct quotes in the context of your project (when quoting directly, you must use quotation marks).
Your paper must be your original work;

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