Essay about Unit 8 Writing Assignment

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Unit 8 Writing Assignment
Delphine Turner
Kaplan University

Professor Clouse
October 19, 2010

The legitimacy of the criminal justice system is based largely upon both its effectiveness and its fairness. Its effectiveness is judged by its ability to investigate and detect crime, identify offenders and mete out the appropriate sanctions to those who have been convicted of offences. Its fairness is judged by its thoroughness and the efforts it makes to redress the resource imbalance between the accused and the state at the investigatory, pre-trial, trial and appellate stages. The system does this by providing evidentiary protection and effective legal representation at all points.
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For it to be otherwise would be to put in question the criminal justice system’s legitimacy and, by bringing attention to its fallibility, to weaken public confidence in it.
Research says there a number of ethical issues within in the field of criminal investigation as applied to wrongful conviction based upon tainted or faulty line-ups which includes but not limited to the following:
Making A Solid Commitment - Many law enforcement agencies are unwilling to publicly announce they are investigating a serial murder case, because it makes them “look bad” in the eyes of their community.
Denial may also play a part in the unwillingness to commit to the idea of the serial killer at large in the community. Coordination - When coordinating an investigation of serial murder, many specially trained homicide investigators are pulled off ongoing or new cases leaving investigation of these ongoing and new cases to less experienced investigators. This can lower the agency’s clearance rates making it appear as if they are not doing their job.
Analyzing Information - The vast amount of information that must be analyzed requires it to be entered into a computer. This is a problem because the level of computer literacy may be very low among police officers aside from basic training. Training

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