Unit 8 Psychological Perspectives For Health And Social Care Essay

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Psychodynamic Approach

The approach is based on Sigmund Freud theory. He believed that events in childhood affect the individual in their adult life. He believed that abnormality in individual raises from lack of free will due to the unconscious and childhood experiences.

It lays its focus on the personality factors (ID, EGO, SUPER-EGO,) defence mechanisms (such as denial,) and psychosexual development (such as phallic stage.)

Freud is the ‘founder’ of psychoanalysis- therapy consisting of dream analysis, free association, and slips of tongue.

Biological Approach

The approach started with an idea of genetics and evaluation, by Charles Darwin.

The significance within the biological approach is the focus on the DNA, the chromosomes, hormones and the brain that has an influence on our daily
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Cognitive Approach

The approach is known to have evolve from famous philosophers such as Aristotle or Plato.

It specifically looks at the memory, sensory and attention, in other words the way information is proceed and used by our minds.

This had led psychologists within the approach to explain that memory is build up of three stages: encoding (where information is received), storage (where the information is held) and retrieval (where the information is recalled if necessary.)

The approach is associated with eye witness testimony.

The treatment involves a cognitive therapy.

Humanistic Approach

The approach focuses on the whole person and their behaviour. Looking from both sides, the observer and the individual who is behaving in a specific way.

The psychologists believe that individual’s behaviour is linked with the inner thoughts and self-image. The idea is that due to free will people change often. It is humans’ responsibility on how their well-being and lives carry on. This is because we are capable of striving to achieve the best, self-actualisation

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