Unit 7 M1 & D1 The immediate and long effects of two types of abuse

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In this essay, I will be assessing the likely immediate effects and to also evaluate the potential long term effects of the two types of abuse on health and wellbeing of adults. The two abuses which I would be evaluating is physical abuse and psychological abuse, how both abuse can affect a vulnerable adult in the long and short term affect.
Physical abuse: Those Vulnerable adults who had experienced physical abuse can have a short term and a significant impact on the person’s life. A short term affect would be if a service provider were to continuously beat a service user this can leave bruises on their body. This would mean the vulnerable adult needs medical attention and if they don’t get this it can affect their health due to the
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Another short term affect the vulnerable adult can experience is aggression which can be brought on as a defence to the abuse. The vulnerable adult can also experience frequent crying due to the emotional abuse they are experiencing for example service provider constantly telling service users they are not good enough and the service user suffered from a disability which doesn’t allow them to do basic activities.
The vulnerable adult would

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