Unit 7 - Essay

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I have been looking at trend and patterns of health and illness of different social groups. Some factors that could affect this are gender, social, geographical location, ethnicity and age. I have used several statistical sources to find out if social class does affect health and illness. The world health organisation states “a state of complete health physical, metal and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Social class is an informal ranicing of people, based on their income, occupation, education, dwelling and other factors. This may be referred to as a socio – conic backgrounds. Morality (death) and morbidity (sickness) vary greatly among different social class. Social class factors that cause …show more content…
It is also estimated that, each year at least 23,000 young people in England and Wales start smoking by the age of 15 as a result of exposure to smoking in the home. People who start doing drugs will come addicted straight away same as smoking really. There was a survey that took place in France and these are the important results that they found out:

* Alcohol, cigarette and cannabis were by far the substances mostly preferred by the 17 year olds in 2011. * Between 2008 and 2011, the use of cannabis has been significantly reducing, as opposed to the use of alcohol and cigarettes, which has been following an increasing pattern. More particularly, while the regular use of alcohol among the 17 year old young French reached the figure of 10,5% in 2011 compared to the figure of 8,9% in 2008, the use of cannabis decreased from 42,2% in 2008 to 41,5% in 2011. * The use of cigarettes raised significantly from 28, 9 % in 2008 to 31,5% in 2011 .

It is clear that French people, including young people, are massively addicted to alcohol. As the survey revealed, the use of alcohol exceeded the use of any other addictive substance. Alcoholism has become a very common phenomenon between adolescents, especially manifest in their social gatherings, parties and outings. Drinking alcohol in France is in the heart of

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