unit 502 Essay

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Jackie Rowlands Unit 502
Promote professional Development (SHC52)
1.1 Explain the importance of continually improving knowledge and practice
The importance of continually improving my knowledge and working practice is to make sure that I am aware of and adhere to all the current Health and social care standards, legislations and guidelines for good practice in my work place.

Professional development refers to the acquisition of skills and knowledge both for personal development and for career enhancement.

Improving my personal development benefits not only me, but the company I work for, my staff and the Customers for
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It all depends on the individual’s motivation.
Different ways in which professional development can be carried out can be in formal methods such as appraisals and supervisions. I conduct these to assess staffs performances. I look at future goals and identify the needs of the staff member on an individual basis according to the organisations policies and objectives. This will create a plan for them to move forward and identify their training needs to allow them to grow and evolve. This in turn, in the long run helps not only the individual but the organisation.
Shadowing or mentoring is a huge support tool. It is used mostly when employing new members of staff and allows them to see how a more long standing member of staff works. It allows them to pass on their knowledge and expertise and guide them through policies and procedures and allows the new member of staff to find a way in which to work which is in line with these guidelines. The mentor can work with this member of staff throughout their working time; however shadowing/mentoring can be carried out by numerous members of staff on different shifts. This gives the new member of staff different ideas on ways in which to work so that they can find a way of working which is comfortable for them.
Within the organisation they can carry out in house training courses to enhance the workers knowledge. This is ongoing throughout the workers time with the organisation.

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