Unit 502 Essay

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Unit 502 Promote Professional Development (SHC52)

Learning Outcome 1; Understand Principles of Professional development

1.1 Explain the importance of continually improving knowledge and practice

To make improvements in our organisations we must work together to ensure the service we are providing is of a high standard and one that meets the service users’ needs. To improve the experience and outcomes for service users and the staff team we need to create a working environment within which staff is provided with opportunities to reflect on, learn and design improvements to the service we provide. This is where improving knowledge and practice becomes vital, without it the service and team cannot keep ahead of changes in
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There are various forms of informal support that are of significant value in developing others’ capabilities. These include:- * Presentations and sharing good practice finding the time to share good practice or feedback from attendance at formal training can be beneficial to other team members, it is an effective way of sharing good practice, and also a way of questioning the work we are doing and seeking feedback or suggestions to a way forward. These discussions can encourage reflective practice and the team can learn something new, expand knowledge and highlight to the team things they may need to investigate further. It can inform practice the team may want to implement and develop. This approach should be plan, occupy a regular slot, and all individuals should be expected to contribute in rotation becoming an expectation of everyday work. * Appraisal This is a more formal, annual approach to professional development. Normally conducted by a manager as a key strategy to assess performance and needs against organisational requirements and aims. This structured approach can be beneficial to have positive outcomes for the individual and the organisation, helping develop a strategy so personal goals can be short and long term. They help an individual understand with greater understanding, their skills, their needs and their dreams. Appraisals must be planned and used for decision making if it is going to have any impact. * Mentoring

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