Essay on Unit 502- Promote professional development

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As a registered manager it is imperative that myself and the staff team continually develop and improve our knowledge and skills. This can be achieved by building and maintaining positive working relationships by offering systems to enable staff to feel supported. There are various ways that this is achieved such as:
Within the organisation
Beyond the organisation

Staff are made aware that they can approach me (informally) at any time, if they need to ask for guidance or if they have any issues /problems, or just need general advice or support. They can speak to me face to face or contact me by telephone. Informal support can also be sought when working, particularly during
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They offer a d specific training course on subjects such as behaviour management. This training is often in depth and over two days, so is time consuming and costly. One of the problems we have encountered is that the staff do not want to use their holiday entitlement up by taking days off (understandably). Working in the evening it impacts on their personal life. To overcome this we offer not just to pay for the course but to also pay the staff an hourly rate for the time that they are on the training. Another problem is that it is not local (it’s based in Liverpool). I have asked that the company if the trainers could come to our place of work, but this has been refused because the numbers are too low. I have suggested that we could join in with another smaller company (something that I have done before) and am still waiting for them to organise it.
Another barrier is the fact that the staff do not view their job with us as their main role and often their outlook /attitude comes across as quite lethargic. I understand that for some, going on training is too time consuming because they have other professional as well as personal commitments. Hopefully when we get a 2nd referral in the next house and we have full time staff some of these barriers will be easier to overcome. Also, when I had a Compliance review it was commented on that I was not investing in my staff team, because I was

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