Unit 5 Essay

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M1) Discuss the role of energy in the body
In this assignment, I will be discussing the role of energy in the body. Energy forms, energy metabolism and any reactions will be discussed during the course of this assignment.
Energy is used up at all times for body processes and is supplied from an individual’s diet, in the form of calories. Within the human body, energy is needed for a variety of reasons. Firstly, without energy humans will be unable to function correctly, preventing them from doing absolutely anything. For example, humans will not be able to communicate as they will have no energy to talk. Human muscles will not be able to function as they are energy-less, preventing them from performing simple everyday tasks (Moonie,
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The circulatory/cardiovascular system will also ensure that the cells have sufficient oxygen. The journey of digestion begins as soon as individuals begin eating. Firstly, enzymes found in the saliva start the process of digestion by converting food into energy. Food will then travel to the stomach via the oesophagus. At this stage digestion continues for another two to six hours, depending upon the type of food the individual has consumed. This process reduces food into molecules that the body can then use for producing energy. Most nutrient absorption occurs in the small intestine, while water absorption occurs in the large intestine. The energy provided by the foods people eat is measured in calories. A gram of fat will consequently equal nine calories, whereas both proteins and carbohydrates only contain four calories. Availability of these will determine which source the body turns to for energy (Moonie, 2010).
Energy can exist in several different forms, chemical energy being the most common. The energy is in the chemical bond which brings atoms or molecules together. When a new bond is produced between two atoms, energy is required for its formation and this tends to be in the form of heat. However light and electrical energy can also be used. When a bond is broken and atoms are released, the energy which is in the bond is released as

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