Unit 5 P3 Btec Level 3 Health and Social Care Essay

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Main body system
Cardiovascular system The cardiovascular system has three main functions:
 Transport- Transportation of oxygen, nutrients and hormones to cells and removal of metabolic wastes such as carbon dioxide, heat and nitrogenous wastes.
 Regulation- Of body temperature, fluid pH and water content of cells
 Protection- By white blood cells, antibodies and complement proteins that circulate in blood and defend again foreign microbes and toxins. Also white blood cells clot when body is injured.
Heart is associated to cardiovascular system, heart is also known as the blood-pump of the body. It pumps blood through the circulatory system to all parts of the body. The blood carries food and oxygen to the cells and carries
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The functions include: To maintain your consciousness To help you respond to your senses To help coordinate what you sense and feel To allow learning and memory To control other body systems

Brain is associated with nervous and brain the most important organ in your body because it controls everything in your body.
It can be seen as super sense or sensory motor. The brain controls the functioning of the body electrical impulses.

Endocrine system The endocrine system serves mainly to maintain the body's internal environment, respond to stress, regulate growth and development and contribute to the reproductive processes. Which means it controls and co-ordinates organs. It also maintains blood glucose, water and salt levels. It also assists in reproduction and growth.
Reproductive system

The primary direct function of the male reproductive system is to provide the male gamete or spermatozoa for fertilization of the ovum. Other functions include transmission of sperms to the female.
The functions of the female reproductive system include production of ovum eggs, receiving the sperms, and child birth.
Which means the function of the reproductive system is to produce new offspring. The continuity of the human species is guaranteed through reproduction.
Ovaries are associated with reproductive system, functions of ovaries are to store ovum (eggs) and release

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