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Models of Abuse
For the purpose of this assignment, the intention is to describe the four theoretical models of child abuse. The 4 models that I will be looking at are; the medical model of abuse, sociological model of abuse, psychological model of abuse and the feminist model of abuse. I will also be looking at the aspects of the theories that are similar or different. To conclude I also intend to evaluate the four theoretical models of abuse by identifying the advantages and disadvantages.
The Medical Model of abuse sees the abuse as an illness or a disease needing a cure. Kempe and Kempe were the inspiration for this theory when they described it as battered child syndrome. The battered child syndrome is a disease in which children
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This theory also believes that the youngest or the weakest child gets abused. However I do not think this is the case I believe that, anyone in the family could get abused.
The advantage of a psychological model of abuse is that a dysfunctional family can go through a therapy. This therapy will then allow the family to make good relationships and prevent a child from being a scapegoat. Another advantage of this theory is that a therapy can identify the scapegoat and help them in order for them to achieve. However the disadvantage is that this model targets on the weakest child in the family. Therefore if the child does not go though therapy it will be very difficult for them to trust other people and maintain good relationships. Also the disadvantage could be that the scapegoat could become important for the existence of the family.
The Feminist Model of Abuse believes that it is only the men who abuse women and children. This theory also believes that in society the women are weaker and can be dominated by the men. There are quite a few cases where men have abused young children. Amy Howson died after her spine was allegedly snapped into two by her own father. Her father had punched and slapped her many of times which led Amy to have fractures. Another case where a man abused children was the Jasmine Beckford case. The child was starved and beaten to death by her

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