Essay Unit 5 Anatomy and Phisiology

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Unit 5: Anatomy and Physiology for Health and Social Care.
Name: Fatimah Al_Asadi
Teacher name: Miss Bull
Name: Fatimah Al_Asadi
Teacher name: Miss Bull

Aim and purpose This unit aims to enable learners to understand aspects of the anatomy and physiology of human body systems. Learners will be able to gain an overview of the organisation of the human body before looking at how body systems work together to provide energy for the body. Learners will have the opportunity to investigate how homeostatic mechanisms operate in the body. Unit introduction
This unit introduces core knowledge of cellular structure and function, and the organisation of the body as a whole, and then builds on this to develop a more detailed
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The appearance of the cells depends of the area it is located at and the functions within the organism. A cell consists of many components. These are plasma membrane, the cytoplasm, the endo reticulum (rough and smooth), Golgi apparatus, lysosomes, mitochondrion and the nucleus. Each of these parts of the cell, play an important role, if it did not have all these parts then the cell would not work in and what it is meant to.

The cell membrane- (or plasma) is a thin skin around the cell. It gives the cell its shape and controls what goes into and out of the cell. If the plasma membrane was to get damaged in any way, and it wouldn't let anything enter or exit it, then we would not be able to get oxygen in and let carbon dioxide out. This means that we wouldn't be able to live, as we have to need oxygen and to let out carbon dioxide for respiration which provides our body with the energy to go through the processes that it needs.

The cytoplasm- is the fluid of the cell, which is mostly made up of water. This is also where chemical reactions take place, like metabolism, which keeps the cell alive. The function of the cytoplasm is to provide structure to the cell, a place for all the components of the cell to sit and to also provide a place for things like growth to take place. The jellylike material

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