Unit 4222-206 The Role Of The Health And Social Care Worker Essay

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Register to read the introduction… Mutual Expectations – What are the expectations each person has about the relationship, what mutual goals and targets does each person have?

4222-206/2 – Work in ways that are agreed with the employer

In order to ensure that your employer is able to deliver the service they have agreed with the service user it is important that you understand what is expected of you. At evidence reference 2 you are asked to review your role and responsibilities and the policies and procedures which you need to operate by. Your employer is expected to:

Provide flexible, personalised and responsive service
Put people at the centre of everything you do
Have high levels of specialist expertise and customer satisfaction
Invest time in recruiting the right people for the right jobs
Provide extensive staff training and support.

If you feel that any of the above is not in place which is inhibiting you doing your job you should talk to your employer to discuss how improvements can be made. Once set of guidelines that we can follow to guide the way we work is our values:

Values guide your work, relationships and
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The job role’s and procedures are their to be followed and this will protect the clients and also the staff, these are put in place to give the clients needs are respected and to help give them the best possible outcome to live their life.

Policies and Procedures

Access full and up to date details of agreed ways of working and Implement agreed ways of working
In the exercise shown above you should have identified a number of policies and procedures that support the role that you do. In the boxes below review all the values, policies and procedures applicable to you and your service users and how you apply them in your work. You should then speak to your manager to confirm whether you need any further training and development.

Q7. Name 5 policies and procedures that you must follow in your workplace:
Guidance: Handouts 9a and 9b “Policies and procedures” could help you with this questions
Policy / Procedure
What information / support is available on this policy
Training Required
Meds policy and procedures.
Policies and procedures are at all projects , this information helps the client and also the support worker to follow the policies and procedures to be carried out correctly , and to give confidence to both the worker and

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