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P7 unite 4 1. What is target audience?
Target audience is a particular group of people which a product, an advertisement or a television and a radio program aimed at.
A target audience can be separated into deferent groups such as gender, age group, marital status, e.g. male, young people, single people.
For example Dell Company wants to sell their laptops at a reasonable price, so their target audience is students, small business which can be afforded to buy. 2. Non-electronic methods of communication
Non electronic is a different method of written communication through non electronic sources such as letter, memorandum, fax, invoice and publicity materials.
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The publicity materials contain essential qualities like having an eye-caching design, inform the reader and improve or promote the company’s corporate image.
For example a brochure contain full stock service list, some information about the company, prices and the different types of contact. 3. Electronic methods of communication
Any kind of communication from an organization in electronic format instead of written communication is electronic communication. Electronic communication is new ways of communication in today’s world. The organizations communicate with their customers, business partners, employees and others, depending upon the nature of the message.
Electronic communications is interactive and it is easy to have two way communications like telephone call and video conferences. Also it is a new way of doing the advertising for a business in many ways. The electronic communication is the fastest way to communicate with others around the world.
Telephone call
Communication with telephone is more personal and it is a two way communication. In a business using telephone is very important because communication via the phone is quite quick and it has less chance of misinterpretation. Also it is good way to advertise or sell things via the phone. For example British Gas Company adverts and sells gas using telephones.
Video conferencing
“Some companies with more than one offices use video

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