Unit 4 P1 M1 Essays

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Unit 4: business communication
P1: Describe the types of information used in your organisation, choosing one from each of the following categories: verbal, written, on-screen, multimedia, web based.
The organisation I have chosen to write about is the NHS, this is a government organisation which is funded by taxation and enables all UK residents to be entitled to free healthcare.
Communicating information verbally by speaking face to face can be the best way of communicating as there is less chance of misunderstanding and non verbal actions such as body language or tone of voice can be interpreted. Sometimes it isn’t always practical to meet in person so telephone conversations would be a useful way to communicate. The range of
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The NHS have a very strong source of external information as the government can give them all relevant information from the census, ONS (Office of national statistics), the DTI (Department of trade and industry) and the OECD (Organisation for economic development). Organisations can also get information from trade groupings, this is groups of businesses from the same industry, they can act as a pressure group to initiate positive change for their industry, the NHS will not have this as they are the only organisation in the UK to be structured and run the way it does, private health care services may have this. The NHS can also gather information through research that they may carry out.
P1: Describe what the purpose is of each piece of information.
There are a few different purposes of information I will be describing: updating knowledge, informing future developments, strategic direction and SWOT analysis, offering competitive insight, communicating sales promotions and inviting support for activities.
Updating knowledge
It is essential that all businesses keep up to date with any changes that may be taking place within their markets. Information is required so that businesses know how their markets are developing, how labour markets are changing, what the economy is doing and what new laws are being passed that might affect the way they operate. As the NHS is closely linked with the

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