Essay on Unit 4 D1 Btec Level 3 Business

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D1- Evaluate the appropriateness of information used to make important strategic decisions.

The Coca Cola Company is an American beverage corporation, manufacturer, retailer and marketer of non-alcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups, which is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

One department at Coca Cola is the financial department. The financial department uses on screen communication, this allows them to create data on the company’s financial assets. They use on screen communication to present databases, charts and a budgeting table for the company. A strategic decision that this department has made is to buy the remaining shares in Innocent drinks company. “The London company’s sales have grown 89% a year from £16.7m in 2004
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‘Using Microsoft Online Services technologies, CCE is able to save travel expenses through online meeting tools and collaboration platforms that span time zones and geographies.’ (Microsoft, 2008).

Coca Cola decided to upgrade their IT computer systems in their Atlanta headquarters to see if they can make their communications within their headquarters more efficient. The system Coca Cola were using was old and needed an upgrade, ‘Coca Cola needed a more effective way to collaborate with its employees, to increase its productivity, to enable better flow of information, and to create more time for sales persons to engage with customers.’ (Microsoft, 2008). On the one hand, it was very appropriate for Coca Cola to base their decision on internal information , because they needed to update their software in order to gain a competitive advantage. Furthermore the decision to use Microsoft as their supplier was appropriate as Microsoft is a successful company so they should probably be trusted. However, it’s a large financial investment for Coca Cola that could have caused major disruption if there was a problem with the new system. In addition, Coca Cola should have potentially looked at Microsoft’s competitors and other options to solve their problem such as working from portable iPads linked to a central network. Overall, I think that Coca Cola have used appropriate information to make this important

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