Essay Unit 33 M2 D1

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Good analysis of two practical cases of real businesses adopting e-business practices to compete more effectively.
The emphasis may be on marketing, product development, pricing or customer relations. M2 is a comparison website that operates in the UK and specializing in insurance and financial services. There are a lot of similar website which are competitors that all offer similar services with similar price comparison strategies specifically concerning insurance. main competitor are sites like, and this means that there a saturation of these types of websites in the current market.
For there is an continues pressure from
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Apple are also offering different feature for their devices that will linked them together through the “Cloud” a feature that a lot of competitors are looking at also. The “Cloud” is a virtual storage space where you can keep information for free or for a price depending on how much storage space you want. Apple have marketed this by telling people that all their information can be kept in the cloud safely along with family pictures that could get lost if kept on your computer or mac.
For Microsoft they don’t have any stores they have their operating systems in other companies’ computers which are sold at stores like pc world. So for them it’s very important that they keep expanding their E-Business activities and make sure competitors don’t have any advantages over them.
Apple went from 357 stores at the end of fiscal 2011 to 390 stores at the end of fiscal 2012, up 33 from the year prior. Apple earned an average of $51.5 million per store, up from $43.3 million last year. Over the past year Apple has made over $40 billion in online sales, these figures illustrate that Apple use of promotional techniques. With Apples ever expanding their online features which are becoming more and more successful each year they are putting a lot of pressure on other competitors E-Business strategies and

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