Unit 3 Health and Safety Describe How Key Legislation in Relation to Health, Safety and Security Influence Health and Social Care Delivery.

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Unit 3 health and safety

Describe how key legislation in relation to health, safety and security influence health and social care delivery.

Health and social care settings are covered by specific legislation and laws from the government to enable the care setting is operating the optimum way.
Acts like the Health and safety at work act (1974) this act applies to all workplaces and it pull all the laws together so that all organisations were covered by the same legislation. However there are other regulations that apply to specific areas of work.
These are • The food safety act 1990 This act ensures that all food complies with the food safety act and its definition which includes drinks and chewing gum. There are four
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• Control of substances hazardous to health regulation (COSHH) 2002. This legislation was introduced in 2002 and covers the use and storage of chemicals. All health and social care services have to ensure that their working environment is safe and can not harm the service users or care professionals. An example of this would be at a nursery cleaning products like bleach being left in the reach of children.

• Manual handling operations regulations 1992
This act promotes safer moving and handling and appropriate use of equipment for example using lifts to help service users in an out of the bath instead of trying to live a service user by hand. This is an important act in health and social care because it prevents injuries to service users or care employees

• Data protection act 1998
This act protects individual’s rights to their personal data being stored. This act covers the processing, gathering, storing and sharing of an individual’s data.
This is important in health and social care settings as service users information is used daily. When sharing an individual’s personal data consent to the sharing of their data is needed.

• Management of health and safety at work regulations 1999
This regulation requires employers to carry out regular risk assessments, look at changes and then re-asses the risks as necessary. This is important in health and social care settings as

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