Unit 232 Essay

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Unit 4222-232 - Move and position individuals in accordance with their plan of care (HSC 2028)

Outcome 1 – Understand anatomy and physiology in relation to moving and positioning individuals
1.2. Describe the impact of specific conditions on the correct movement and positioning of an individual
When moving an individual you must take into account if they have any conditions that acquire special moving techniques. Here are a few examples;
Individuals with Parkinson’s may have limb rigidity which can affect their ability of movement and cause limitations. When moving the individual into different positions you must make sure to force the rigid limbs as this can cause further pain and discomfort.
Individuals that have had a
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You also need to plan what you are going to do. Here are a few examples of the factors you will need to take; * The Activity – You must know what activity you are assisting the individual with e.g. are you helping them to stand, sit, roll, walk or turn? If they need the bathroom, are they able to walk the distance unaided or with a frame and yourself for support? * The Environment – You must assess the environment around the individual and identify any potential hazards. For example, is there enough space for you to assist the individual? * Moving and Positioning - What can the individual do for themselves? Does the individual have a catheter bag, intravenous drip attached to them? If the individual can do things for themselves then you must help promote this by letting them keep as much independence as possible. * Equipment That May Be Used – Before assisting the individual you must make sure you know what equipment needs to be used for them such as walking frame, sliding sheet or a hoist. If they need a hoist for example then you must make sure that the hoist is fully charged, it is not defected in anyway and that you are using the right sling for that individual. Also make sure that there is enough space to manoeuvre the hoist and individual safely and correctly. There must always be at least two people to assist with the hoist.

Outcome 3 - Be able to minimise risk before moving

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