Unit 21- M3 D2 Essay

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Health and social care
Mrs Younis
Unit 21
Unit 21- Nutritional for health and social care
M3- Asses how the plan will meet the nutritional needs of the chosen individual.
D2- Evaluate how nutrition plan might improve the health of the chosen individual.
Looking back at the nutritional food plan for the week for my individual which I previously done in my P3, I will be looking back at the kind of food and exercise the individual was doing in that week. This will then link into my D2- as in my previous P5 for this unit I had to create my own healthier diet plan for my individual and I will be evaluating how my plan may help the individual’s health.
When looking back at the week’s nutrition food diary you could see by looking at my
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5. Small amount of fats and sugar- In our diet we do need to have some bad fats and diets in our body and this is because our bodies needs it in order to be healthy, if we do not have the right amount of this say if we have less of it our body’s will become drained and we will feel drained and tired however if we have too much of the wrong fats and sugar we can make more fatty tissues in our body which can affect the our breathing and also making us over weight and in some case’s obese.
This information was found on the NHS website http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/Goodfood/Pages/eatwell-plate.aspx, it list the right amount of food which we need but remembering that every individual needs are different. I also looked at the healthy eating website which gave me ideas for healthy eating for my individual which are on the go and also time consuming food meals.
Looking back at my P6 for unit 21 I had to plan a healthier diet plan for my individual this included the portion sizes which she should be eating, the amount of exercise a day such as jogging, walking, swimming, how many glasses of water and drink that the individual should be taking in order to have a healthier nutritional intake, with planning this plan for a week for this individual it will improve not just her diet but also to think about what she is actually eating and putting into her body, thinking how many calories are in each food, the actual good and bad foods which are

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