Unit 204 Nvq Business and Admin Essay

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Unit 204 – Communicate in a business environment-Nvq level 2 in Business and Administration

Why do you need to know the purpose of any communication you are sending and its Intended audience (1.1, 1.2) In what way does this affect the language you might use when producing written communication or information? (2.3)
The purpose of communication is for human us to be able to understand each other for different reasons. So if we develop our communicative skills we can use this skill as a tool to help me learn or explain something to someone or both. We also communicate to help one another, listen to each others' problems, and solve difficulties we face in life, find solutions to obstacles that may come into our lives.
If we know the
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To ensure that my written communications are organised, structured and well presented to meet the need of the intended audience we should start by identifying who will read the message. We need to think about what they need to know and the vocabulary we need to use. We must think about the tone of the message as well.
We should create an outline that will help to identify which steps to take in which order and use simple language.
The structure of the document should be “reader friendly”.
What are the main ways you can check the accuracy of any written communication you produce? (2.5)
Any written content or communication has to be free of spelling and grammatical errors. It also has to be in the right and professional format.
® We need to check the points written down: Whatever we write has to be accurate, otherwise it will have disastrous effects and can even ruin the reputation of the organisation, and the organisation can itself get into trouble.
® We need to do a spell check and grammar check. Spell-check is an option available to easily correct typo errors. Sometimes it will not be 100% accurate, because if you had typed a word instead of another, then spell check will not be able to trace it. So it is always best to even read through the document twice before finalising.
® We could use a template. Every organisation has a different style for documents they produce. As an organisation, documents have to be produce in a

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