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Unit 16 – Human Resource Management in Business
The study of human resource management will help you understand an organisation, its structure, the way it works and its culture. Organisations need their employees to contribute effectively to the achievement of the organisational purpose. In order to achieve this, staff will have to be properly selected, trained and managed. Managers have to understand how to motivate employees and win their commitment to the organisation.
By the end of this unit you must know the factors involved in human resource planning, how organisation motivate employees, how organisation gain employees co-operation and understand the importance of managing employee
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Using relevant theories and current practice, analyse the effectiveness of the HR management processes involved.

Task 1:P4
Explain how organisations obtain the cooperation of their employees
You must:
i. show an understanding of what contract of employment stipulate ii. how adherence to the contract can be managed iii. consider how the organisation create and maintain their culture
Task 1 can be done as a case study

Task 2:
a) Explain how employee performance is measured and managed (P5)

i. You need to appreciate that the maximum contribution is required from each employee at work. Jobs often have specific performance criteria associated with them. Individuals need to be monitor to ensure that they are working effectively and meeting targets and standards set for them. Both above par and below

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