Unit 12 Essay

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In this assignment I will be surveying the site nielson-netratings.com and draft a short report for the business on the kind of data that this service can provide. I will then carry out a research to discover a full range of prices and product comparisons for laser printers suitable for a business use, explaining how I searched for it. I will then prepare a presentation that describes the kinds of actions that various organisations take to reduce security risks from operating online. I will then explain the competitivepressures on selected contrasting businesses organisations to develop their use of e-business. I will then take two contrasting businesses and explain using examples, how they have responded to competitive
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P4: Prepare a presentation that describes the kinds of actions that various organisations can take to reduce security risks arising from operating online.
There are many problems these days that can prevent an organisation to function on the internet, there are many precautions that an organisation can take in order to help reduce the risks to computer security organisations can apply sensible precautions like:
Antivirus Software
This software is one vital protection for any business that is connected to the internet. This software must not only be connected to one connected but to the whole network in order for the organisation to be well protected. This software ensures that all information that is carried in such as floppy or zip discs, USB, or any other removable media has the viruses removed before they are being opened on the computer, if the removable devices are not scanned and the viruses are not removed completely then there is a huge chance that once the file is opened the computer could be infected and this can cause huge trouble for the organisation. There ismuch software that are available for an organisation to choose from and many of them work in similar ways, the ones that are more effective is the ones that offer and updated list of the current viruses, some of the software’s that allows this are: Norton Antivirus, MacAfee. Good antivirus software usually would include

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