Unit 12 P5 Health and Social Care Essay

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P5 - explain health promotion and protection

Health Promotion This is the process of allowing people to have more control over their health as this will help improve their health and well-being. It focuses on individual behaviour towards a wide range of social and interventions. Health promotion is how health is shown for example to challenge obesity change 4 life is used so people can have a guidance on how to make their lifestyle healthier. It also shows that health promotion is aimed at individuals whose health is at risk from any diseases from lifestyle factors, which lets individuals take control over their health. By being able to have control over their health it shows individuals what may have happened if nothing was done of it
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This then means because the individual will be thinner they wouldn’t be spending as much on their clothing. Also, making healthier foods is a lot cheaper because you can buy in bulk and make food to last the full week instead of buying ready meals or takeaways every day. The approaches for Obesity.

Approach Aims Methods Worker/Client relationship

Medical Identify health risks such as diabetes and heart disease. Calculating BMI by doing blood tests. Professional relationships between the patient and doctor. Passive Conversation.

Behaviour Change To encourage individuals to take responsibilities for their own health and choose a healthier lifestyle. For example Dieting. Persuasion through advice and information and through mass media campaigns such as the change for life. Expert lead by doctor or dietion with a dependent client.

Educational To increase knowledge and skills about healthy lifestyle through workouts and diet plans. Information and explanation of attitudes through individual or group work. For example finding out why they excessively eat. Could be expert lead which involves client in negotiation of issued for discussion.

Empowerment To work with the client to meet there perceive needs which is weight loss. Advocacy negolation networking and facilitation. The health promoter is the facilitator and the client becomes

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