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Introduction: In this assignment I will be giving information the following point talk about each sales staff must do or be like when working for these different scenarios. Also I have included the sales technique out of four of them: Cold-calling, Face to face, Telemarketing and drop in visits. Also I have included their own personal interpersonal skills of what it takes to be a sales staff to be working for those scenarios, I have also included examples and relevant pictures. Selling insurance over the phone through cold-calling.
Selling insurance over the telephone is called cold calling that would enquire sales staff that are very confident, have clear and loud voice to speak to another and has good verbal communication skills,
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They must have good communication skills and interpersonal skills. Selfridges is a large department store and for their sale staff they must keep people who are confident and has had previous experience as Selfridges is a well-known company and does give a job to anyone without good customer service skills and well known companies they have previous worked for.  Selling mobile phones in carphone warehouse
Selling mobile phones in Carphone Warehouse the skills a sale staff would need is product knowledge and experienced seller, they must be confident, well presented and have good interpersonal (working in a team) and good communication skills that they can talk to customers. Also the selling techniques is needed to selling mobile phones in Carphone Warehouse is Face to face selling and telemarketing. As sales staff sell to people who have researched online what they want or saw what they want It makes it easier for the sales staff as the customer knows what they want.  Selling meat in a traditional butchers.
Selling meat in a traditional butchers, the skills needed for a sale staff is someone who knows what they are doing they are professionally trained or experienced. Also as this sort of company is still based on customers they must be polite, and patient to listen to what the customer wants. The sales technique used for this is selling face to face most of the time as its more off a local shop.

 Selling computer games at

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