Essay on Unit 11 Child Care Nvq Level 3

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Unit 11

Out come 1

• Describe what is meant by a positive environment

Environment is the surrounding of a central point; it can be split in to three basic categories biological, physical and social. The environment of my care setting for example is made up biological aspects i.e. my self, my children, my husband, our pet hamsters and the out door plants and trees in the garden, also the children that attend my care setting. The physical aspects are the toys, furniture door wall, large garden equipment, buggies safety gates etc. the social environment in my setting is all about the culture, and customs of my setting and the activities and experiences we are involved in and interact with. a positive environment is warm and
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• Explain how a positive environment and rouitine meet the emotional needs of children and their families.
A positive environment and routien is essental to meeting the emotional needs of the children that attend the child care setting, when a chid feels safe and happy in their enviournment they develop confidence to explore what is a round them, through a positive enfivroment and routine children also learn many important social skills such as sharing with others, patience and understand of those differet from them self. the enviornment will stimulate the child to try need thing while keep them safe from harm. They can develop at their own pace and meet the mile stone of child hood. Through a possitive environment and routine tailored to the individual needs of the family the emotial needs of the family can be met in that they know there child is well care for and treated with respect and valued as an individual this is very importat especially when a child beguins to attend a new car setting as the parents and cares can get on with their work happy that their child is in good hands.

• Describe the importance for physical and mental well being of balancing periods of physical activity with rest and quiet time.

Out come 4

• define the Basic nurtritional requirements of children and young people to ensure a balanced diet and meet government guidence

children only have small tummies and so need plenty of calories and nutrients in a small amount of food

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