Unit 10- P5 and M3 Essay

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There are a number of strategies that are able to be considered to support not only children and young people but the parents and families where abuse is suspected or confirmed. These strategies refer to a plan of action in order to achieve a particular goal, an example of this could be that they are able to minimise the actual or potential impact of abuse or poverty that may occur within families. The aim of strategies for children and young people are in place to protect these individuals from being abused or exploited in some way and by using strategies these are able to reduce the risk of abuse, and help children and young people realise they have a ‘right to be safe, secure and free from harm’. (Snaith.M, 2010) Moreover, It can be …show more content…
This can be supported by ‘Some parenting classes focus on the most basic of skills like changing a diaper, swaddling and bathing’. (http://everydaylife.globalpost.com/) It is also beneficial as it allows for any doubts a parent may have to be clarified, this will reassure the mother that what she is doing for the child’s needs is correct and should be praised for and can be stated here ‘counsellors who will address your doubts regarding nutrition, exercise and creating a healthy environment for your children’. (http://www.buzzle.com/) If not it allows then for the mother to change her ways so with having a lack of understanding to weaning these classes may provide her with reassurance on the correct ways she should be doing this and what meals are appropriate for the child’s age. As it is shown here that ‘Many women choose to wean after their baby's first birthday’ and baby K’s mother is starting the wean the child from ‘milk to ‘chicken dinner jars’ this can be reassured within the parental classes that this is incorrect for the child at this age to do so. This is beneficial for the child as the baby is therefore receiving the correct nutrition, to allow for baby K to develop at the expected rate for children the same age as her. The diet of the child is essential for them to grow and develop which can be shown here as ‘Babies need many more calories for their body size than older

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