Essay about Unit 1 Pass 1

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In this assignment I have been asked to write a report comparing the 2 businesses which are Manchester united football club and the deans trust Ashton on Mersey school. Manchester United which is located in Old Trafford and is a global company are a private sector which means they are not under direct state control for example they have multiple shareholders within the company. Manchester united is also a public limited company meaning that the shares in Manchester united are offered to the public. Over the years Manchester united has become a thriving successful football club in many ways for example they have multiple sponsorships such as Aon Principal Partner of Manchester United Chevrolet Principal Sponsor of Manchester
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Another aim for Manchester United Is to try and make a large profit and they do this by selling players and selling merchandise partly through the sponsors they have e.g. selling kit through Nike. Manchester united make smart objectives each year for example a specific aim for Manchester united would be to finish in fourth place this year, the reason why this is specific is because united are going through a transition period due to the change in manager and this aim is specific as it means united will be back playing champions league football.A measurable aim would be to be making sure they still attract fans and a way this is measurable is because United could measure how many fans come to the game as you can see the attendance therefore they can calculate on average how much money they are making etc. An achievable aim for Manchester united is could also to be to finish fourth as Manchester united have just bought many players in order to improve the team. A realistic aim for Manchester united is too close a new kit sponsorship deal for the 2015-16 season and get the best out of the deal as they can because it means that the deal they make the money earned from the deal is profit which means it can be re invested into

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