Unit 1 Confidentiality Essay example

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Legislation and Policies Governing Confidentiality and the Sharing of Information:

Data Protection Act 1998

Any organisation that holds information on individuals needs to be registered with the Information Commissioner. This is designed to ensure that confidential information cannot be passed onto others without the individual’s consent, or the parents or guardians consent with regard to children. Individuals also have the right to access personal data held on file about themselves, or in the case of children, the parent or guardian could exercise this right.

There are eight principles of practice that govern the use of personal information.
Information must be: * processed fairly and lawfully * used only for the purpose
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Confidentiality protocols will also be breached if there are issues involving an illegal activity or a medical emergency.

On occasions a school is required to pass information, regarding staff or pupils, onto government authorities. These include: * Department of Education * Department of Health * Department of Work and Pensions * The Local Authority * Primary Care Trusts * Ofsted

All of these agencies are data controllers; any information they receive must only be used for the requested, specific purpose and allowed by law.

Confidentiality Policy:
(Reproduced (in part) with the kind permission of Perton Sandown First School)

Definition of Confidentiality:

The School understands confidentiality to mean that no information regarding a child, a parent or guardian, a member of staff or a volunteer helper shall be given directly or indirectly to any third party external to the School without permission. (For exemptions see Child Protection Policy).

Confidentiality Policy:

The School’s work with children and families sometimes brings us into contact with confidential information. To ensure that those using and working in the School can do so with confidence, we will respect confidentiality in the following ways: * Parents or guardians will have ready access to the files and records of their own children but will not have access to information about any other child. * Staff

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