Unit 1 Communication P4 Essay

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The role of effective communication
Produce a document that explains the role of effective communication and interpersonal interaction in a health and social care context. Extend this work by assessing the role of effective communication and interpersonal Interaction in health and social care with reference to theories of communication (P1, M1).

Communication is where an individual shares information through speaking, writing or body language. This could be texting an individual or using social media sites to interact. Communication is important in a health and social care setting as you may need to inform those around you about a certain patient. For example, when an individual is put into a caring home, the person (typically a
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The first way is formal and the second is informal. Formal communications are ones in which we have in professional settings with other working business people or people who you may not know and are in a situation which allows you to introduce yourself and discuss a matter. For example a parent teacher conversation would be formal and a employee and boss/manager would be formal too as you speak with respect and a professional manner regarding the subject that you need to talk about. Multi professional working usually talk formally and multi agency working are always formal unless speaking to someone whom they know very well. As a staff member in a health and social care setting, formal conversations will happen every day as you will meet new people every day and other professionals. Whereas, on the other hand, informal conversations are ones in which we know the person well and are able to chat with them comfortably and openly because you know them and are confident in how best to approach them. This would be with your friends and families or certain work colleagues. So, therefore the way we speak to people in a health and social care setting would vary and differentiate depending on the situation you are in and the person that you are working with.

Interpersonal interaction is how you interact with someone. It is the way you speak to an individual, e.g. your tone of voice and body language. The way you

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