Unit 1 Assignment

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Unit 1 assignment – task 1: Attributes of employees
In today’s work place there are a wide variety of different skills that employers expect their employees to have. These skills are categorised into two main categories, hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are basically all the technical knowledge that is required for the job. This may be practical skills for a workshop or knowing how to create pieces of code for a variety of different uses. Soft skills are skills which aren’t taught but are reflective of the employee’s personality. These can include attributes such as having confidence to lead a team of individuals or being organised and coming to work on time. These attributes help an employee to be as effective as possible.
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This is because if you have a contagious illness, this could spread around the work place and have a massive impact of the overall work productiveness.
Health and safety: health and safety in any work place is the highest priority. As stated in the 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act, all employers and employees are responsible for the safety of themselves and others if there is a chance they could be effected. If someone has been injured at work then the employer or the person in charge must be notified immediately. In addition there should be the necessary health and safety equipment available such as first aid kits and fire extinguishers in case of incidents.
Security: It is important to maintain security within the workplace, whether it’s the security of the employees or the protection of the in site equipment and information. Making sure there are no trespassers is also important as this could lead to damage to equipment or someone getting hurt. To prevent trespassing employees could be made to wear some form of identification. Dangerous or delicate equipment should be locked securely away when it’s not being used. In addition it is important that any important documents, where they are about customers or company information, are kept in a safe place, where they cannot be
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Being an organised person is one of the most important skills an employee can possess. Being organised allows an employee to work to a much higher standard and keeps them in a focused state of mind. Being organised can mean planning ahead and seeing what work is coming up and complete in order of importance. In almost every workplace there are deadlines which have to be conformed to and being an organised person will help massively to achieve those deadlines. If a problem arises and you or your team encounter trouble, being organise and getting back on track with work is vitally important.
Time management: making the most out of your time is arguably the most important skill an employee can possess. Time management is a very large factor in the success of an employee. Being organised is a large aspect of time management as you need to make sure your deadlines and goals are met on time. Using a diary or time management applications is a great and effective ay in managing your time. Having a phone with time a time management software is a very effective way in managing time as you can add events

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