Unions Have The Incentive For Mobilizing Citizens Essay

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Unions have the incentive for mobilizing citizens to engage in politics. Some join unions to gain employment. Most union members do not have prior political experience. Once they become a member, this begins to change as the union will teach the members political skills. Unions attempt to change the political identities of their members. One way they do this is by exposing their members to pro-labor situations. (Kerrissey, J., & Schofer, E., 2013) Unions are a partisan interest group that is in cooperation with the Democratic Party. This is as a result of the fact that Democrats are pro-labor and labor is the most important part of a union.
Even after the signing of the 1965 voting rights act, which was intended to help African Americans and other racial minorities to have the constitutional right to vote, some laws still in the books throughout the United States discriminate against those who are not property owners. Of course, to be fair, this is exclusively for certain elections. But could this have a psychological effect on the non-property owners and depress turnout for other types of an election in which virtually everyone above the age of eighteen could vote? In a special district election, some officials are appointed, some are elected by property owners only and others are elected by everyone in the district. Roughly 40% of such district throughout the United States of America have at least one elected official elected by registered voters in the district. 14% of…

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