Unions And Their Impact On The Field Of Education Essay

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In this day and age the current state of Teachers’ Unions is up in the air. Teachers’ Unions have always had an impact on the field of education. Depending on the person, organization, politician, and other member or group of society, you will receive a variety off opinions and stances taken about Teachers’ Unions. There are many reasons in why people are in favor or against Teachers’ Unions and there are many factors that are in play that must be addressed. Unions in an agency-fee state are allowed to charge for bargaining states, they consist of 21 states (Antonucci, 2016). In other states there are different laws that either make it harder or easier for unions to collect agency fees. For example a law in Wisconsin passed called “Act 10” limited collective bargaining and at least 50 percent of the employees had to re certify the union yearly. Here in Michigan a new law was passed called the “Freedom To Work” law in 2013 but did not limit collective bargaining and the laws were not as limiting as Wisconsin 's “Act 10”(Gantert, 2015). Under Michigan’s laws Freedom To Work does not prohibit unions or collective bargaining. It also does not apply to districts who have already had an agreement until it expires. The Dearborn School District for example already had an agreement with the union so there new employees are required to pay dues to the union as one of the conditions of them being hired (Gantert, 2015). Any contracts that are up for renewal or expire can no longer…

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