Unilevers Global Strategy Ppt Essay

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Unilever is currently one of the most successful consumer goods companies in the worldand they have set their ambitious targets for growth, in traditional and new markets andchannels, to keep it that way. The global presence of Unilever contributes to its major success and competitive edge. The corporation sells products in over
150 countries andhas annual sales of approximately $ 46 billion [£31,5bn]. Unilever controls subsidiariesin more than 90 countries and employs 295,000 (in 2000) people.Unilever is one of the world’s top three food firms after Nestle andKraft and the world’s second largest packaged consumer goodscompany
–behind Procter & Gamble.
Unilever was formed
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If, in a particular market, a communication device does not work as well asin other markets, it can (and should) be replaced with one that communicates the intendedset of values or "brand character" which form the backbone of a global brand strategy.

This report focuses on the global success of UNILEVER. Many things add up for acompany to be a global success. The global culture is very competitive with more andmore brands making it across their local boundaries. The principle is that a global brandrequires the building of compelling relationships across a diverse spectrum of brandaudiences. Before a solid foundation can be established, companies must determine the brand’s core attributes , personality, and positioning by appraising its market category,target consumers, and competitors, as well as the attitudes and beliefs of their ownemployees. In addition, governmental legislation and taxation, political issues, social andenvironmental pressures, cultural differences, local customs, religious restrictions,consumer tastes, and different languages will need to be considered. Accounting for allthese details in one worldwide brand is no small feat and, while it is often attempted, it istruly achieved by only a few consumer brands.

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