Unilever Case Study

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Unilever is one of the world’s leading suppliers of fast moving consumer goods. they work to create a better future every day. unilever help people look good and provide satisfaction with their brands and services. Unilever has many products for what he is famous for like:
• Personal Care products:Dove, Sunsilk Lux AXE Rexona
• Foods: Knor ,hellmanns and Flora
• Refreshment: walls lipton and magnum
• Homecare :sunlight detergent, SURF life boy etc deodorants, soaps, lotions, skin care products, toiletry and other cleaning products are also being supplied by Unilever and have great place build in market and are globally famous as well.
UNILEVER BRAND PORTFOLIO PROCTER AND GAMBLE ( P&G) procter and gamble also known as P&G is
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While P&G mainly focuses on firstly their strategies then comes the structure and top level managemnet.
Unilever company is famous for its goodwill by helping to build a world where everyone lives well along with products It provides with Brands that offer balanced nutrition, good health and the confidence that a person gain from having clean clothes, clean hair and good skin. P&G focuses on their branded products and services of superior quality and value that will improve the lives of the customers worldwide. the mainly want their products to be best in quality and services around the world.

The unilever biggest rival are P&G which gets their profit from beauty and personal care, baby care, and home care products. But compared to Unilever, P&G is weak in foods category. So Unilever utilize its dominance in foods sector over the rival and at the same time give higher priority to personal care to overtake market of the
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While P&G company is focusing on Building existing core businesses into stronger global leaders so that they can attract big countries with their existing brands and win customers.
Unilever mainly use their promoting strategies on their highly profitable product brands which cause them by lossing their local customers But in case of P&G they use creativity in their advertisment with strong media pioneer and also provides coupon free samples for their newly and less famous brands so that somehow they can still generate profits from them.
Pricing Strategy of unilever is to increase the discount on the normal prices of their products and cutting down marketing and advertising expenditure to balance. This strategy follows on from P&G. They Change price and try to keep the product price low to obtain maximum profits that will allow increased production and reduce unit production cost along with attractive quantity discount to encourage large purchases.

Unilever main target are always customers so the placement of their products is done in such a way that can satisfy not selective targeted customers but household

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