Unilever Bangladesh Case Study

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Unilever Bangladesh limited has started its journey in Bangladesh with soap production at its factory located in Kalurghat, Chittagong. Over many years the company has promoted many brands at a reasonable price and took over the heart of the people of Bangladesh. Today they are proud to present our products in the majority homes of this country.
Unilever Bangladesh limited is in the market leader in the 7 of the 8 categories within which it operates, with 20 brands spanning across Foods and Home & Personal Care. In the past four decades, Unilever Bangladesh has been regularly bringing new and innovative products for the people of Bangladesh to erase the uniformity of daily life. Over 90% of the country's households use one or more of our products.
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Understanding the market place and customer needs and wants
This shows how marketer should understand the customer needs and wants first and then the marketplace within which they will operate. For this they have to go through the five core customers and marketplace concepts known as needs, wants and demand. Unilever Bangladesh understand the market and consumer’s needs and wants by providing sample products to different markets and customer via research, what actually a customer wants, what is his actual desire for a product.
It is always important to find out the requirement of International and local customers before making and designing the product. This step will always satisfy the customers. Unilever is one of the companies which do this with very importance so that they get to know what they should be producing for their customers and materials they will be using to fit the requirement of the buyers. They always try to give extra value to their products so that they can provide something different then other competitors.

Designing a consumer-driven marketing
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Promotion - In this step, the Unilever promotes and introduces the product to the consumers and attracts them. Unilever advertises their products in newspaper, Billboards, television media, internet and etc.
Build customer relationships and create customer delight
Building customer relationship is one of the most important concepts of modern marketing. An excellent customer service plays a big role in the success of a business as while pricing is important, loyalty earned through delivering over promises and taking care of customers may often win the sale and keep the customers, even if the price is low.
To keep up the profitability, Unilever maintains strong bonding with their buyers. They continuously take rapid feedbacks regarding the quality and design from their regular consumers. They keep on offering them online updates about their materials and new design. Unilever provides special training to their employees working for marketing sectors so that they keep a good relationship with their

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