Essay on Uniforms : Uniforms Vs. Uniforms

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Uniforms vs No Uniforms School uniforms are something that has been around for centuries. According to the article by Michele Meleen, “History of Uniforms” the first uniform ever used was in 1222 in England. The students wore robe-like outfit called a “cappa clausa”. It was not until the sixteenth century that the uniforms were more modern and the students wore cloaks and stockings. As time went on uniforms were mainly used as a way of showing family economic status. If you attended a private school it showed that your family was wealthy because they could afford a better education than a public school. The uniform for these private and preparatory schools were very formal they consisted of things such as black top hats and tails. This was done until 1972. Today the public schools that do require uniforms use them to help im.00prove their learning environment this is why I believe all schools should regulate uniforms. This school uniform debate is very intriguing to me because I have always wondered why we make such a big deal about the clothes we wear and the brand it has on it? Based on my personal experience I never cared too much about the type of clothes I wore to school because I just wanted to get in and get out, I dressed really regular. My outfits consisted of t-shirts jeans, sneakers and on occasions I would put in a little extra work to get dolled up. Although for other people school was like a big fashion show. I remember this girl who dressed up every day for…

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