Uniforms Codes Around The United States Essay

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Many schools in the United States of America enforce dress codes. The schools include preschools, elementary schools, intermediate schools, junior high schools and high schools. Some of these schools are very strict on their dress codes and others have a specific school uniform that students are required to wear. A number of schools execute punishments to students who break the dress code. These punishments include in school suspension (ISS), out of school suspension, expulsion, and even wearing a white jumpsuit around the campus. In addition to that, both males and females are subjected to criticism for their appearance. Boys have to shave their face, keep their hair short and trimmed, and are not allowed to have piercings. Girls cannot show their shoulders, wear leggings, or wear pants/shorts/dresses/skirts that are shorter than knee-length. Of course, there are a number of other rules, but these produced are rules that students are greatly affected by. For these reasons presented, dress codes around the United States should be revised.
The comfort of students should be respected as well as the teachers’ comfort should be. In states like Texas, the summers are harsh. Temperatures rise to the 100s and sweat drops the second a foot is stepped outside. School districts implement rules that do not allow students to wear any bottoms that are above knee-length and shirts that are sleeveless. This can cause problems mainly because of the extreme heats. In addition to that,…

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