Dont Bie The Eater Analysis

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The people in this generation must notice the issue of the obesity epidemic before it is too late. Unhealthy food is dominating today 's society. Ever since the 1970s, people have adapted to bad eating habits, food portions have increased, And the number of people who exercise has decreased. People in today’s generation live in a society where skinny people are as unhealthy as the one’s who are fat, and where the lifespan is shorter than ever. Many people in today’s society have completely failed at taking care of their body. Many of them are at risk of dying at a very young age. The difference between today’s lifestyle and the lifestyle of the people in the 70’s is unbelievably different. Technology has advanced, and people have gotten to …show more content…
Lifestyle changes and it is understandable that society has been misleading. It has gotten to the point where it is difficult to even tell the difference from a healthy or unhealthy food. Many fast food restaurants don 't even give the calorie information so the people don 't even know what they are consuming. David Zinczenko, In Don’t Blame the Eater explains that people lack information of the food they consume, when he claims “Complicating the lack of alternatives is the lack of information about what,exactly, we’re consuming”(1). It might seem like it is the fault of the company for giving food that is unhealthy, but it is the person 's responsibility to know that fast food is not the best option. Many people today barely ever walk, and they rarely ever eat a healthy meal. Over the years people all over the world have become lazier because they choose to take the easy way. People would rather use the escalators than taking the stairs, and they would choose to take the bus to get to a close location instead of walking. Today 's Society is not realizing the little decisions that they make can lead to devastating outcomes. They eat fast food and just because it tastes good, but they never ask themselves what the food contains. Technology is huge in today 's society but instead of using it as a source to educate themselves on important subjects like obesity, they choose to play Angry Birds. People in today 's society are making the wrong choices and that is what is leading to the devastating obesity

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