Unhealthy Food Is Bad

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Food is not the devil. People cannot blame food, when all it comes down to is the choices people make. Lifestyle depicts what type of people we are, and how long people will live. People who eat unhealthy food because of taste, convenience, and price are stuck in a standstill many people have gotten themselves in, but the effects are considerable, and includes heart disease, always being tired, and depressed are not worth the standstill.
The food industry is a lie packaged in nice wrapping paper. A picture of a pasture with grazing cows on a happy farm on our packaging is the lie of the century. The marketing on food is a ploy in order to entice people to eat what they are selling. People ask why they eat the way they do.The first example why
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Eating fattening food causes health problems, there is no argument. People chomp on their fattening, greasy food while the yellow tar like plaque starts to invade people’s arteries. The yellow plaque builds, so the blood cannot pump through our bodies correctly. Causing serious damage, like a heart attack. Consequently, without the right diet people’s organs cannot do their jobs in protecting them from diseases, but also keeping people from doing the daily activities we want to do. People slumping over the car wheel while cars speed by, just inches away from colliding. Or encasing oneself in their bed, not willing to leave because all they want to do is sleep. Furthermore, being shut off from the world can lead towards depression. Feeling depressed and antisocial, people continue to eat food like pizza dripping with fats and fries fried to a crisp, eating until they do not feel empty inside. The unhealthy lifestyle is an unstoppable cycle from health problems, tiredness, to …show more content…
To participating in activities, such as running, to not view healthy food as the enemy, and to have a support system. Being active is a part of participating the healthy lifestyle. Forcing oneself to take one step after another as the heat blazes and the sweat trails down their necks; they are happy to make it across the finishing line. People need to sweat out the fats, people need their muscles to flex and stretch for their body to feel happy. People shouldn’t have a negative attitude when it comes to picking out what they want to eat. Choosing healthy food such as a chicken salad sprinkled with almonds or a swelling burger greased and slathered with a variety of cheeses, there is a definitive difference between the two. They know the right choice. The right choice can vary from a pure veggie diet to taking the smaller piece of the red velvet cake, people can have a slice of cake as long as it is in moderation. Like most things, it must be taken in moderation. Lastly, a support system to keep people from straying and on a better, healthier lifestyle. Friends and family pushing each other to the limits as they both burn calorie after tiresome calorie during their daily workouts. Or cooking together a family dinner while picking out healthful ingredients to make a veggie filled meal with lean healthy

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