Ungrateful And Disrespects And Devices In William Conrad's True Son

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Light in the Forest
True Son deserved the sentence his father gave him because of the laws True Son had broken. True son was ungrateful, cruel, and disrespectful in all his choices. These actions make such a sentence of being banned just and not overly harsh. Cuyloga made the right choice in banning True Son for the acts he committed because of disrespect, ungratefulness, and cruelness. True Sons sentence was not just but deserved and there are many reflective reason that prove True Sons sentence was wright.
True son is an ungrateful individual who lets emotions and beliefs control what he wants. Cuyloga, True Sons father punishes him for being ungrateful because he harmed innocent people. True Son shows his ungratefulness to his family when
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In my opinion I believe True Son is the most disrespectful kid in his generation for many reasons. True son disrespects his uncle Wilse when he first meets him. For instance, when uncle Wilse is figuring out why he can’t speak English, True son gets mad and speaks English deceiving them. “No, but you tried to deceive us just the same…” (Conrad, Richter pg. 43) The disrespect True Son shows towards family makes me wonder how much True Son actually cares for others. True Son shows a lot of discrimination towards his own kind, and this may make people believe that discrimination is the only reason he is so disrespectful so this isn’t a reason to be banished. But in my opinion it is not this way. True Son has no reason because he was born to white settlers and captured by Indians. “I can’t stand that! This Cuyloga who stole Johnny…” (Conrad, Richter pg. 43) True Son has white blood in him and has no Indian blood, but he believes he is Indian. “Johnny is no indian,” the boy’s father said uneasy. “He has the same white blood as you and I.” (Conrad, Richter pg. 41) Another reason is True Sons white settler family has done nothing to him to deserve the disrespect. They have treated him with the utmost respect especially when they first meet him “Thank God our life was spared and your home with us again. Are you Happy?” (Conrad, Richter pg. 33) True Son is …show more content…
To prove my argument of what he did to his uncle Wilse was cruel. For one reason True son tried to scalp his uncle “ Half Arrow gave him his tomahawk and the two set to work together, one cutting, one hacking. At the pain…” (Conrad, Richter pg. 83) True Son treats Elder Parson cruel when True Son is offered rum by making fun of white people and saying cruel things “my father told me why white people give rum to the Indian,” the boy answered. “Get indian drunk. Buy his fur cheap. Afterward Indian gets sober. Has no money. No furs, no nothing, hates white people. Kills them someday…” (Conrad, Richter pg. 62) True Sons cruelty proves my point that he would rather kill white people than give them a chance and build a relationship. This is why he deserved his sentence. True Sons actions may be viewed as self-defense or him doing what he was taught as okay. That can be arguable because true sons sentence of being banished would probably not of been an option. True Son was banished because Cuyloga said “if you come back, I cannot receive you and they will kill you.” (Conrad, Richter pg. 119) True son was viewed as a spy and was viewed as an enemy to the Lenape, therefore Cuyloga had to banish him” I hear that my son is a spy from the whites, that his tongue is the fork of a tree and his heart black…” (Conrad, Richter pg. 116) True Son was cruel and he may have been disrespectful, cruel, and ungrateful but Cuyloga

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