Essay about Ungar And His Liberal Arts

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Ungar and his Liberal Arts Degree Sanford J. Ungar, the writer of “The New Liberal Arts”, argues that a liberal arts degree isn’t as questionable of a decision as believed to be. He trusts that a smaller independent college is a much more intimate setting where students continue learning habits that only better their mentality in terms of education and personality and will stick with them throughout the rest of their lives. More specifically Ungar believes that attending a liberal arts school provides as close connection with faculty and a chance for young adults to learn responsibilities while getting an education at the same time, just to name a few (Ungar 232). Overall, Ungar goes about his argument in a very unique and organized manner getting such point across clearly and credibly as well. To get Ungar’s point across to the reader he uses a little bit of everything in terms of evidence. He includes surveys, strong research, expert opinions, and other forms of supported data. One point that he makes is how attending a liberal arts college could potentially be the better investment giving the individual a much more broad education preparing them for a number of potential field of work rather than just one specific. To support this claim Ungar turns to Geoffrey Garin who is the president of Hart Research Associates (227). By turning to someone who is an advocate in this area or research enhances the authors validity of the argument. Ungar also referred to a survey…

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