Unforgettable Moment In High School

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Your high school graduation will always be a unforgettable moment for different reasons. This May my graduation occurred and it still feels fresh on my mind due to an unexpected reason. That being because my parents gave me a more than meaningful gift on my special day. That day I was able to feel the true reward of all the actions that I had taken that led up to my graduation.
Graduation was coming up. It was around April, the time where the sense of magic had already disappeared and around time when seniors already began feeling anxious. Everyone was excited about the future ahead of them but over the high school scene. At this point I was starting to feel the reality of it all. I was done with high school in about a month but I didn’t see
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The hall that was once empty is now full of families and friends of the 2016 senior class. I had my two closest friends sitting next to me due to the fact their last name was also Reyes like me. I looked to my left and saw my friend Karla already with teary eyes, then I turned right and saw my friend Heidy who had excitement all written over her face. I began to think that all my hard work and all nighters were over with, well for a small period of time before I entered college. I was tired of all the rules and the frequent busy work the teachers assigned us just to fill the hour and thirty minute periods. The unfashionable uniforms and the annoying sound of the bell ringing, echoing that we would receive a tardy. The bright, highlight orange, green, and yellow paint that covered the school halls. I had to admit that I was relieved, actually I was beyond relieved. I was done with highschool. Not only that but I graduated with a 4.0 even though senioritis hit me hard second semester. As I kept looking at other of my fellow peers faces, I felt that there was something missing. I checked to see if my small gold tassel was still on my cap, if my ribbons were all straightened, and any other small thing was out of place. Then it sinked in that the thing I was missing was not anything physical but rather something …show more content…
I stood up quickly and began walking before the large stage ahead of me.As I saw the people before me walk foward to receive their diploma I began getting closer to the front. Finally I was up, “Elizabeth Reyes” said my principal with a booming voice through the mic. I walk up on the stage and receive the diploma I longed for. After I awkwardly smiled and hugged a couple of important, high up staff members I sat back down. I knew I shouldn’t have felt a lingering sensation for something more but I

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