Unfair Scheduling And Favouritism Case Study

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Unfair Scheduling / Favouritism One of the problems with MMC was unfair scheduling and favouritism. This was displayed by management, which is a problem for the employees who are afraid of losing their jobs.
In order to counteract the issue of unfair scheduling, specifically that of full time employees, MMC management must implement a scheduling system that acknowledges the value of all of their employees equally. By guaranteeing at least one busy shift per week for all full-time technicians and sales staff, MMC will recognize and reward their full-time staff with better chances of receiving commission from sales. This action will increase the morale and overall satisfaction of full time workers, who with the current arrangement feel undervalued
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This will allow the HR professional to monitor employee performance and make decisions about employees. This is important for the dealership, as a lot of rude behaviour and bullying is being displayed by managers. Employees who are afraid of losing their job will most likely not go to the general manager or assistant manager to share their experiences of bullying. When the consultant asked Carlos and Peter how they feel about the bullying, “both admitted that it bothered them, but felt that as the ‘new guys’ it was part of some sort of ‘initiation’ into the team” (“Made-up Motor Company”, 4, 2015). This sort of behaviour was making the employees feel alienated and alone, which is why the dealership needs monthly evaluations. This will allow the dealership to move forward and stop the bullying and rude …show more content…
The standards and procedures should be a written set of rules that can be accessed by an employee working at the dealership. In addition, the standards should be created by all the employers and the employees at the dealership. This would insure that everyone at the dealership would have a chance to have input in the standards that would have to be followed by the company. Furthermore, during the implementation there should be a meeting consisting of all employees, which should address the procedures, the safety standards, and make the employees aware of where to access the standards and procedures. In addition, the parts manager should provide safety equipment to their employees, in order to ensure that all the employees can follow the safety procedures. This will protect the employers, employees, and the customers that come to the dealership for their services.
Another recommendation that we would make for the company is to have a monthly inspection by an office manager. This would insure that the company is following the safety procedures and standards and that the work environment is safe for the employees and customers. This is a crucial procedure for the company. Since the safety standards are new to all the employees, many employees will not take them seriously, unless they are aware that there will be inspections. The inspection will be of no cost to the

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