Write And Wrong By Anna Quindlen Analysis

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Unfair Power
There are many teachers who do not truly care about the overall prosperity of the student and lack passion in their work. For example, during my sophomore year of high school I had a class with a foreign student who asked our teacher for help. This student was clearly struggling and actively trying to learn the topic, but the teacher decided to mock his accent rather than assist. Another example would be the time I was having a rough day in class and I told my teacher that I couldn’t come up in front of the class. I was having a panic attack and I was clearly uncomfortable, but instead of letting me cool down he decided to get in my face and patronize me which caused me to leave the classroom in tears.
There is no reason a teacher
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“. . . Heerman, whose students at Perry Meridian High School were not much different from the ones in the diary and who she hoped would see their struggles- and their potential- within pages” (57). More teachers should follow her example because when you connect to your students on a personal level, often times they will pay more attention and try harder.
While teachers who shouldn’t be teaching deserve to be fired, teachers like Connie Heerman have no business losing their jobs. Heerman was an excellent example of how a teacher should act towards her career. She gave her students an assignment and literature to read that she felt would give the children something to relate to. Instead of the school board recognizing that Heerman was an endearing and phenomenal teacher she was fired for a minute mistake. Very many teachers who treat their students poorly, but teachers who do the bare minimum in class are still able to keep their
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Uncompassionate, hateful, caring, encouraging, and a large variety of others. While I did have some very nice teachers like Connie Heerman, I also had teachers who couldn’t care less about their job. I have had teachers give a powerpoint, have us take notes, and basically leave it at that. Expecting us as students to be engaged with such little effort from the teacher is not sensible. It is very important to have it set in your heart to help your students prosper otherwise you will most likely end up with students who do not have the motivation to

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