Unfair Competition Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Unfair Competition MC was a famous entertainer. MC estate is owned by his surviving spouse, Mary. Mary has formed MC, Incorporated, and the major asset of the MC Inc is the MC name. Mary did some research on the life and times of MC and published the article in the MC Inc. magazine. A local newspaper reprinted the article in total in their paper. Also, a local business is selling tee shirts under the MC name (with his pitcher on the tee shirt) and also the tee shirts depict MC as a major drug user and criminal. In addition, the business alleges that MC Inc. is nothing but a criminal enterprise.
G. Tort

Arthur has just graduated from CSUSB. Arthur has a number of employment opportunities. Arthur decides to discontinue his relationship with Wilma. Wilma become very upset. In retaliation, Wilma goes to Arthur's Facebook account and places information on the account that Arthur was caught cheating on an exam, was arrested for drunk driving and had misappropriated another students work and turned it in for a grade.. All of which is untrue. Also, Wilma placed some pitchers of Arthur that were extremely embarrassing and when the pitchers were taken, the pitchers were never intended to go public. Potential employers review Arthur's Facebook account and decide not to employ him.
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Property Question H should read "What is the basic requirement when transferring "real property"? What are the requirements when transferrring "real property" (DDR)? What is a "mortgage"? What are the various types of a "mortgage"? Remember there are 8.

I. Crimes Congress passes the "Child On Line Protection Act", which essentially states that it is a crime to put "obscene material" on the internet with intent to place said obscene material on the internet. Obscene materials is not clearly defined. Oscar, places a "pornographic movie" on the internet which is easily accessible for a fee. Oscar is arrested for violating the "Child On Line Protection Act". In answering the question discuss the elements of a crime with special emphasis on "constitutional limitations".

J. Bankruptcy Discuss the elements of

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