Essay on Unexpected Events Cause Adverse Reactions

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Unexpected Events Cause Adverse Reactions

It was in the fall of 2012 when my Great Uncle Larry was diagnosed with cancer. The doctors said he had cancer in his brain, lungs, and liver. My parents left to inform my grandparents of Larry, and left me home alone. Feeling a new kind of pain, I did not know how to cope with my feelings. I responded by crumbling to the floor screaming in tears of why life was so cruel to innocent and strong people. The crying did not stop until my neighbors knocked on the door. Wiping the tears, I pretended as if nothing was wrong. I found myself not wanting to express my pain to others; however, my neighbor knew of the situation and wrapped me in a hug where I could no longer hold the sorrow inside any longer. I realized that in order to be okay, I had to relieve all the pain inside until there was none left, and engage into the world, seeing the brightness and life that was still all around. In other circumstances, people do not face ailments the same way as I do; and this past weekend, I was able to experience it.

My life was on track, and I was a normal teenage girl busy in sports and school. When Christmas break came around, I still found myself busy with homework and basketball practices. On our way to my grandmas for Christmas, we got a phone call from my aunt Jaime saying her dad was in the hospital, and it was going to be a while before they came up. When we arrived at my grandparents, we were surprised to see my aunt, uncle…

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