Unethical Orders in the Military Essay

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Ethical theories have been applied globally, and in different perspectives as mirrors for analyzing potential knowledge and ethical decision making. Classical theories of ethics provide the basis for defending, systematizing and recommending ideas, concepts and notions of moral behavior. Classical ethics falls under the normative class of ethics. Ethics can be divided into Meta, applied or normative ethics. Normative ethics concerns the practical meaning and determination of moral courses of action. Normative ethics concerns the moral appropriateness of a course of action (Arrigo, 2006). It presents classical theory as an overarching ethical principle that could be applied in solving moral ethical issues. In this case,
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However, the application of deontological principles on the programs by the military could eliminate or disapprove most of the illegal, covert programs by the military. In 2004, it was revealed that the military sexually tortured terrorist suspects in a prison in Abu Gharib (Perry, 2006). Such revelations show that though the military intend to obtain information, their actions do not fall within their legal obligations and duties. Furthermore, such instances may dampen public enthusiasm because of the intrinsic tendencies of the public to apply deontological principles in evaluating actions.
Virtue Ethics
Virtue ethics illustrate the characters of an ethical agent as a force for moral behavior. This does not emphasis on rules or consequences. Virtue ethics can be applied in achieving human success, happiness or a feeling of blessedness. It refers a state of objectiveness rather that subjectivity. Virtue ethics characterizes well lived life, and the achievement of the goals of life. Virtue ethics emphasizes on the practicing of human quality (Powers, 2012). Virtue ethics can be categorized as intellectual or moral principles of ethics, which comprise of intellectual virtues such as prudence, fortitude, justice, temperance, justice and wisdom.
In analyzing unethical orders in the military, it is crucial to contrast the perspectives brought by principles of

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